Are damon fizzy and taylor swift dating

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He posted a complete makeover video with Matthew Lush in June 2015 titled "THE NEW ME!!

Holly favours a figure skimming pencil dress, fit and flare cut, or a pencil skirt styled with a colourful shirt or blouse.You Tube star Damon also was rumored that he was in relationship with Taylor Swift.However this was due to the misunderstanding of the people.In addition he was involved in Vans Warped Tour and was invited to serve as an agent for the Fiesta Movement in 2014.His first video "Chicks Dig Me Because I Wear Axe” was uploaded on July 3, 2008, and his channel had thousands of subscriber.

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And, at that time, they wanted him off the Vans Warped Tour, the traveling all-ages rock festival, which featured Jones in the summer lineup.