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Men and women make mating decisions very differently, he speculates.Men tend to act like single-issue voters: If a prospect is not attractive enough, he or she usually doesn’t qualify for a first date, period.What's more, the triads have realigned and are in a brutal all-out brawl at the city's borders– where hundreds of evacuees have relocated!In order to get through it all, Korra and Asami vow to look out for each other– but first, they've got to get better at being a team and a couple!Use this tool to make a cartoon avatar of yourself.This simple to use app will allow you to make a cool avatar of yourself or a friend.

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It’s not uncommon for those with hearing loss to bluff their way through a date, pretending they heard everything their date said.

That’s why the world of online dating can be so alluring; it provides an “ears-free” way of communicating with potential love interests, an advantage to the single and hard of hearing.

Duji and Dieter tried to guess which of Trump's tweets are real, with the loser ....

Caller from England says she is in an open relationship.

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As Korra is haunted by a shadow of herself in the Avatar State, she reminisces about the hardships she has endured the past three years.

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